Our History In Photos

Our History In Photos
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<!--nosearch-->Adele, Ruth & Gracie
FROM: Michael Rosenberg Finally, some “Good News” I am so pleased to announce that our two longest serving staff members, Adele Salzberg and Ruth Hornbein have new jobs starting August 1st. Over the last 27 years, I have been very fortunate to have had some really extraordinary people to work with at Granny-Made®. Adele & Ruth were two of the best, and instrumental in our transformation from the premiere women’s sweaters store that we were known for throughout the late 1980’s and 1990’s, into one of the finest Infant and Children’s stores that we became. Both of their unique talents will continue to be featured on our website. I thank then, from the bottom of my heart, for all they contributed, and for their friendships.

FROM: Adele Salzberg It has been my privilege to work at Granny-Made for 15 years as a buyer and salesperson. I loved selecting special items in the market with our customers in mind. It was gratifying that I was able to make Granny-Made your “go to” store for the perfect gift. With my background in fashion design, marketing and merchandising, Granny-Made was a perfect fit for my talents. It was great to do the windows and see the children drawn to the cool toys, original sweaters and fantastic dresses that we were known for. And I was thrilled every time a new grandparent ordered one of my custom hand made quilts for the new baby. I will cherish my memories of working with Michael, Ruth, and Gracie the best Havanese in the world for all of my life, I thank all of our loyal customers for allowing me to have the best job ever! And don’t forget grannymade.com! All my best regards, Adele Salzberg

FROM: Ruth Hornbein I came to Granny-Made after 20 years in the wholesale business designing and manufacturing my own line of children’s sweaters. I was very nervous to be in retail, but, lucky me, I was at Granny-Made. Everyone, the customers, my co-workers and Michael, the best boss ever, made it a wonderful experience. We will all miss Granny-Made, but it will continue on the Web site and Michael will be making “appearances” in the neighborhood.

As of August 2nd, I will continue in the retail world at a lovely little boutique in Park Slope called Lulu’s for Babies. It’s an easy ride on almost any train, 2 blocks from the new Barclay Center. Both Adele and I will still make items for the website: Adele her spectacular one-of-a-kind quilts and me, the Manhattan/Brooklyn skyline sweater. Regards, Ruth Hornbein
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<!--nosearch-->Happy Days with John & Christie
Happy Days with John & Christie, who both made, Granny-Made happen... i am forever thankful.
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<!--nosearch-->1st location from 1986-2010
<!--nosearch-->Granny Bert Levy
Granny Bert Levy newitem254708049
Cookie Brochure 1996
1996 We launched our first "Internet Gift Gallery" This was the Brochure we mailed to over 20,000 customers.
<!--nosearch-->Post Card Mailing Fall 1988
Post Card Mailing Fall 1988 newitem251239546
<!--nosearch-->Fall Late 1980's Post Card
"Our Classic Cable Knit Zip Cardigan"
"Our Classic Cable Knit Zip Cardigan" First sold at The Store: Stella Flame c.1985
"Our Classic Cable Knit Zip Cardigan" newitem288821982
<!--nosearch-->First catalogue c. 1985
First catalogue c. 1985 newitem288823118
<!--nosearch-->Catalog inside back cover
After two seasons in the mail order business, we opened our first retail location.
<!--nosearch-->1985 Our first year in the catalog Business
Granny-Made Sweaters by Granny Bert Levy
Today would have been our Granny Bert Levy's 115th Birthday. I am lucky to be reminded every work day about how she touched and influenced our lives...and why our Family Loved Her So Much. I begin a new chapter in my life, with the closing of our store...we had a great 27year run. I'd like to believe Granny Bert & Others in my life who shaped me, and that have passed, will continue to guide me in the third act of my business career as we expand our foot hold in the new world of commerce on the Internet. I am excited for the future of Granny-Made Sweaters... Granny's Grandson, Michael
<!--nosearch-->Granny Bert Levy circa early 1920's
Granny Bert Levy circa early 1920'with her Brother Joe (?) who taught her to drive in this car.
<!--nosearch-->Levy's Shoe Store c. WW I Years
First Business my Maternal Grandfather Charles H. Levy started in Monticello,New York. At the age of 12, after his Father died, he persuaded manufacturers in NYC to give him shoes on consignment to take upstate and sell from his push cart. That grew into the shoe store, which he turned over to his younger brother to run when Charles enlisted in World War I.