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2010 Best Children's store New York City by
2010 Best Children's store New York City by newitem207009724
The Best Stores Around The Country
The Best Stores Around The Country
The Best Stores Around The Country beststores
January 5, 1987  This was the editorial that put us on the map
"This was the editorial that put us on the map"
<!--nosearch-->2009-2010  Best of Citysearch Winner NYC Baby and Children's Clothing Stores
<!--nosearch-->Gracie's Place
Gracie, our Havanese, was born in March 2002 and arrived at the store 8 weeks later. She was only 1 pound and 12 ounces! Since then, she's become Granny-Made's unofficial store mascot and greeter.
Gracie's Place grha1

After 28 years, the beloved children’s shop is closing

When Michael Rosenberg started his business in 1985, it was a different world. Almost 30 years later, Granny Made at 467 Amsterdam Ave. between 82nd and 83rd is preparing to close its brick-and-mortar storefront and expand its online presence.

“It’s a mixed blessing,” said Rosenberg, who began his business career in the early 1970s with Home Box Office.

He plans to keep the store open while he looks for “a buyer “for his lease, which has seven years left on it. “We will stay open while we try to assign the lease,” said Rosenberg.

According to data from, the monthly rent for the storefront at 467 Amsterdam is approximately $10,500 per month.

Rosenberg is used to reinventing his business. The store sold mostly women’s clothing in the 1980s and 1990s, but has become a children’s store selling, for example, handmade sweaters based on those his grandmother had made for his family. He developed a web site in1996-1997, and moved the brick-and-mortar store from Amsterdam between 78th and 79th streets three years ago. In his years in the neighborhood, Rosenberg has been seeing a third generation coming into the store. He cites Sept, 11, the economic downturn of 2009, and changes in shopping habits as factors that have encouraged him to change direction.

“Everybody seems to want to shop online,” he said. “The internet has hastened the store’s closing.”

Yet, he is optimistic about the future. “I’m going to do a third act with my business life,” he said. His immediate goal is to closing the store in the summer and intensify the web site including international shipping. newitem289694740
Time Out New York Kids
Granny-Made Has Moved to 467 Amsterdam Avenue btw 82nd & 83rd streets
Best of Citysearch Winner!
Generation B  by Michael Winerip The Sunday New York TimesWestside Spirit-"Closing Time"
After 24 years we lost our store location...only to move 4 blooks north to a WONDERFUL new space, bigger, brighter, and better!
<!--nosearch-->Our Tribute to Steve Jobs
THANK YOU STEVE JOBS! Thank you for your Brilliance and Vision. Thank you for all the Amazing Products that helped Me Manage My Business and My Life. You will be Missed and Remembered for The Ages.
AM New York 06/08/10
Our #1 Gift Item for nearly 25years!
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Toddler furniture Order the style you furniture section coming soon!
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Please Come see our New Store
Con Edison Green Team
NEW YORK – As the owner of Granny-Made, a popular children’s store on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Michael Rosenberg sees excited toddlers every day.

His fervent wish is that those children grow up in a clean, sustainable environment. And as a businessman in a still-struggling economy, he’s always looking for ways to cut expenses.

So he couldn’t resist when Con Edison’s Green Team told him he could save more than $2,700 a year in electricity costs by using the company’s financial incentives to upgrade to energy-efficiency bulbs and lighting fixtures. (Check out a video on Rosenberg’s project by clicking here:

Rosenberg has never regretted his decision. Con Edison’s Small Business Direct Install program paid $3,375 of the lighting’s $4,800 cost.

The lighting was installed last February and by the end of the summer, he had already earned back the return on his investment. That means the savings Rosenberg’s store is realizing now is money that accrues to his bottom line, or that he can invest in inventory or other expenses.

“I knew that over time this would be very good for the business,” said Rosenberg. “And it came at a really good time. We’ve been through a recession and are always looking to trim expenses.

“We’re also in the kids business and I think that for the younger generation, being environmentally sensitive is second nature,” he said. “I want to contribute to a clean planet too.”

The shop, at 467 Amsterdam Ave. between 82nd and 83rd streets, sells an attractive mix of clothing, including handmade sweaters, hats and shoes for little boys and girls. Rosenberg also sells toys, books, musical instruments and games for children, and women’s jewelry.

Con Edison’s Small Business program provides customers with free energy-efficiency surveys, free energy-saving devices such as compact fluorescent bulbs, low-flow aerators and high-pressure rinse sprayers. The Green Team will make custom recommendations for improving energy efficiency that fit each business and budget and pay up to 70 percent of the cost for certain equipment upgrades

Con Edison has energy-efficiency programs for nearly every customer. For information, call the Green Team at 1-877-870-6118 or go to

Con Edison is a subsidiary of Consolidated Edison, Inc. [NYSE: ED], one of the nation’s largest investor-owned energy companies, with approximately $12 billion in annual revenues and $40 billion in assets. The utility provides electric, gas and steam service to more than 3 million customers in New York City and Westchester County, New York.

Consolidated Edison, Inc. is in the global Carbon Disclosure Project’s (CDP) S&P 500 2012 Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI) and has been recognized by the CDP for six years in a row. Consolidated Edison, Inc. also has been recognized for its environmental performance by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Department of Energy and other organizations.

For additional information, visit us at, at our green site,, or on Facebook at Power of Green.

Con Edison Green Team conedgrte
New York Press story about our store closing and our online future June 19, 2013